New Gilliam Fellows

Photograph of Kelly M. Cadenas

Kelly M. Cadenas University of California, Los Angeles

Photograph of Scott S. Chilton

Scott S. Chilton Harvard University

Photograph of Dania Dae

Dania Daye University of Pennsylvania

Photograph of Ryan T. Dosumu-Johnson

Ryan T. Dosumu-Johnson Harvard University

Photograph of Marty A. Fernandez

Marty A. Fernandez Harvard University

Photograph of Sacha L. Prashad

Sacha L. Prashad University of California, Los Angeles

Photograph of Angelica M. Riestra

Angelica M. Riestra University of California, Los Angeles

Photograph of Krystal R. St. Julien

Krystal R. St. Julien Stanford University

Photograph of Steven Tuyishime

Steven Tuyishime University of Pennsylvania

Dania Daye, who came to the United States from Lebanon, wants to design new, noninvasive imaging techniques to improve medical testing. Steven Tuyishime is inspired by the prevalence of malaria in his family’s native Rwanda to work on a vaccine for the disease.

These are just two of the exceptional students awarded Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study in 2009. Spurred by the number of high-quality applicants, HHMI expanded the program to nine fellowships this year—up from five in previous years.

Gilliam fellows are students from groups underrepresented in the sciences or of disadvantaged backgrounds who have worked in the labs of top HHMI scientists and are committed to pursuing a doctoral degree in science. HHMI established the fellowships in 2004 in honor of the late James H. Gilliam Jr., a charter Trustee of the Institute who spent his life nurturing excellence and diversity in education and science.

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Photo credit: Cadenas: Mark Harmel Chilton: Kathleen Dooher Daye: David Graham Dosumu-Johnson: Mark Harmel Fernandez: Daron Dean Prashad: Mark Harmel Riestra: Mark Harmel
St. Julien: Barbara Ries Tuyishime: Paul Fetters