Viral Outbreak: The Science of Emerging Disease

Lecture 2 – The Virus Hunter's Toolkit

by Joe DeRisi, PhD

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  1.  1.  Start of Lecture 2
  2.  2.  Welcome by HHMI Vice President Dr. Sean Carroll
  3.  3.  Profile of Dr. Joseph DeRisi
  4.  4.  Leading causes of death for children worldwide
  5.  5.  Infectious disease is a major cause of child mortality
  6.  6.  Video: Many Pathogens Affect Patients at a Nicaraguan Clinic
  7.  7.  How do you determine the cause of an infectious disease?
  8.  8.  Koch's postulates for identifying an infectious agent
  9.  9.  Viral plaque assay
  10. 10.  Identifying viruses by their structure
  11. 11.  Animation: Viral Geometry and Structural Diversity
  12. 12.  Animation: Structure of Dengue Virus
  13. 13.  Antibodies can recognize specific viruses
  14. 14.  Classifying viruses by their genome type
  15. 15.  Q&A: How can you stop viruses from spreading to other cells?
  16. 16.  Q&A: What kind of antigens do viruses have?
  17. 17.  Q&A: Where do secondary antibodies come from?
  18. 18.  Q&A: Do lipid membranes come from other organisms?
  19. 19.  Q&A: What are the advantages of different viral replication mechanisms?
  20. 20.  Q&A: Are there innate defense mechanisms to detect viral DNA in the cell?
  21. 21.  Concept of chip-based tool that can detect any virus
  22. 22.  Animation: The Chemical Structure of DNA
  23. 23.  DNA hybridization can detect viral DNA in a complex mixture
  24. 24.  Replicating viral DNA in vitro
  25. 25.  Kary Mullis's contribution to polymerase chain reaction
  26. 26.  Animation: The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  27. 27.  Various PCR machines
  28. 28.  Sanger method of DNA sequencing
  29. 29.  PCR and sequencing for viral diagnostics
  30. 30.  Virochip designed to represent all known viruses
  31. 31.  Evolutionarily conserved sequences can identify unknown viruses
  32. 32.  Animation: Running a Sample on a Virochip
  33. 33.  Using the Virochip to identify viral pathogens
  34. 34.  Q&A: How do you interpret the complicated pattern of Virochip output?
  35. 35.  Q&A: Is Virochip ready for mass production as a diagnostic tool?
  36. 36.  Q&A: How would you analyze a mixed sample of two viruses on a Virochip?
  37. 37.  Q&A: Does Virochip analyze both RNA and DNA viruses?
  38. 38.  Q&A: Can you use Virochip to find viruses that naturally attack cancer?
  39. 39.  Closing remarks by HHMI Vice President Dr. Sean Carroll

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