Stickleback Evolution Lab Save/Resume

Saving Your Lab Progress on a Single Computer or Tablet
If you plan to work on this lab either at home or at school, always using the same computer, progress will be saved automatically as you move through the lab, in the browser and computer you are using.

You can exit the lab any time and when you return to the lab on the same browser and computer, you will be prompted to "Resume" or "Start Over." Resuming will return you to the last step you were on, and your quiz answers are also remembered.

You may review your progress at any time by going to the Progress tab. Under the Progress tab you can press on the "Quiz" links to review your answers to the questions at the end of each experiment.

Saving Your Progress Across Multiple Computers or Tablets
If you plan to work on this lab both at home and at school, using different devices, you can use your Google login to save and resume your work.

Use the "Google Login" button above to sign into your Google account (or create a new account). Once logged in, press the "Save Progress" button each time you leave the lab to save your progress. Next time you enter the lab, login into your account and then press the "Resume Progress" button. You will be taken to where you had left off in the lab.

Note that the Google Login feature is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer.