This film includes three quiz modules at locations indicated by the blue segments on the timeline. Both blue and faded blue segments indicate quiz modules that have not been completed. However, only the blue segments are available for viewing; a faded blue segment becomes blue when the previous quiz module is completed. A green segment indicates a quiz module that has been completed.

When the playhead (•) reaches a blue segment, the video will pause and the page will automatically scroll down to reveal the questions. There are typically a few questions per module, with the number indicated in the top right corner. If you need to review the video before answering a question, you can scroll up and click on the timeline and then return to the question. After you have answered all the questions in a module, press the "Resume Film" button to continue the film and the next quiz module will become available.

To review your previous quiz answers, press the green segments in the timeline. After you have completed all quiz modules, press the "Quiz Results" button to open a printable quiz summary.

Some browsers support printing to PDF files. Select the "Save as PDF" option (wording may vary) from your browser's print dialog box and select a location to save it to your computer. You may then email and/or print the saved PDF file.

On an iPad or other iOS device, you can save the PDF to Google Drive or other platform. Once the PDF preview is shown, pinch-out to display it full screen, then press the share icon. Sharing options will appear and you can select Dropbox, Mail, Save to Files, Copy to Drive, etc.

This interactive will save your progress as you answer each question. To resume your progress later, return to this interactive on the same computer and browser and select “Resume” when prompted. Select “Start Over” to start a completely new session.