Viral Outbreak: The Science of Emerging Disease

Lecture 3 – Fighting Viruses in the Lab and Beyond

by Eva Harris, PhD

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  1.  1.  Start of Lecture 3
  2.  2.  Welcome by HHMI Program Director Dr. Dennis Liu
  3.  3.  Profile of Dr. Eva Harris
  4.  4.  Immune system as potential foe
  5.  5.  Animation: Dengue Virus Enters Cell to Begin Infection
  6.  6.  Antibodies neutralize viruses and tag them for destruction
  7.  7.  Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of disease symptoms
  8.  8.  ADE leads to physiological changes that cause severe dengue
  9.  9.  Maternal antibodies can cause ADE in infants
  10. 10.  Engineering a mouse model for dengue research
  11. 11.  Severe dengue can be induced by ADE in the mouse model
  12. 12.  ADE mouse has high viremia and elevated cytokines
  13. 13.  In vitro cellular model of ADE
  14. 14.  Modified antibody can prevent ADE in vitro
  15. 15.  Modified antibody can prevent ADE in mouse model
  16. 16.  Modified antibodies work as therapy
  17. 17.  Using the dengue mouse for basic and clinical research
  18. 18.  Q&A: Can the modified antibodies be used as a vaccine?
  19. 19.  Q&A: Can injected antibodies compromise you against other serotypes?
  20. 20.  Q&A: Can this treatment be applied for other viral diseases?
  21. 21.  Q&A: Wouldn't the dengue RNA be degraded in the cytoplasm?
  22. 22.  Building research capacity in developing countries
  23. 23.  Strategies for enhancing local scientific capacity
  24. 24.  Transferring technologies and alternative techniques
  25. 25.  An RT-PCR test to identify dengue subtypes
  26. 26.  PCR test successes in the field
  27. 27.  The impact of the Sustainable Sciences Institute
  28. 28.  Video: Impact of Nicaraguan Dengue Project
  29. 29.  Large cohort study reveals impact of influenza in Nicaragua
  30. 30.  Improving clinical processes with technological advancements
  31. 31.  Taking the fight against the diseases to the front lines
  32. 32.  Q&A: Where does your motivation come from?
  33. 33.  Q&A: How long does manual PCR take?
  34. 34.  Q&A: Can dengue virus remain latent in the body?
  35. 35.  Closing remarks by HHMI Program Director Dr. Dennis Liu

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