Bacterial ID Lab Help

Welcome to the Bacterial ID Virtual Lab. This page will help you get started.

Using the Virtual Lab
The lab interface is divided into two main areas, the interactive window on the left and the lab notebook on the right, where this help page is displayed. Within the interactive window, you will be prompted by text in the tip window and light purple arrows next to the object that needs input. As you progress, the lab notebook window will automatically update with detailed information about the current step.

The numbered items below the tip window indicate the current step (highlighted in light purple). You can jump to any step by clicking on the links. To restart a step, click on the highlighted link.

At any time you can click the "Reference" button, which will update the lab notebook with links to a glossary, tools used in this lab, and an encyclopedia of selected bacteria and other pathogens. Clicking on the "Notebook" button will take you back to the current step information.

Supported Desktop Web Browsers
The Bacterial ID Lab has been developed using HTML5. The following browsers are supported and recommended. For the virtual lab to work properly, be sure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled and your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Mobile Devices
The Bacterial ID Lab is best viewed on tablet-sized mobile devices (such as the iPad) and in landscape mode (horizontal). While the lab works on smaller mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch, it is not recommended due to their small screens. Also, screen zooming is not fully supported on these devices.

To create a shortcut to the virtual lab on your Apple device, tap the Send button at the top of your browser and select "Add to Home Screen." This will create an icon on your home screen so you can quickly access the virtual lab.

Technical Support
For technical support, please complete this form. To clear results and start over, click here.